Meditation & Mindfulness


Much is written and said about meditation.  Perhaps because for something that is, in essence, so simple is in practice often challenging.

The human organism is programmed for periods for quiet and reflection and yet in our busy lives we rush through our experiences – the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ and don’t give ourselves time to digest them.  In turn we become full and disconnected from our innate sense of wellbeing.

“Meditation is not addition.  It is subtraction”

Our motivations for meditation and practices like mindfulness of the breath are, in the first instance then, an opportunity to digest and process what we go through every day leaving more space in our lives [mind and body] for reconnecting to our true nature.

As we progress our practice we discover how to skilfully and mindfully enquire into the characteristics of our  emotions, thoughts and beliefs and thus put aside [pass through] that which causes our suffering.

Classes are taught in an inclusive and friendly manner from accessible awareness of the breath and body to more advanced practices.

Breath meditation