People come to Yoga for many reasons – flexibility, strengthening, relaxation, stress reduction or just plain old curiosity.  What keeps people coming back though is its ability to take a person on a journey of transformation.  After each practice we find ourselves in a different place – a place where we start to unite the mind and body – and it’s a place that we want to return to again and again.

As individuals we favour and require different practices at different times – perhaps a faster paced Hatha flow class when there is just ‘too much’ energy, or longer held and meditative Yin poses when we seek to release mentally and physically and a restorative practice for times when our bodies and mind need to rest digest.

Hatha and hatha flow – energising yet calming, uplifting yet grounding classes with the focus on alignment, integration and fun!  Perfect to increase flexibility, strength and reduce stress.

Yin Yoga – a deeply meditative sequence of long held poses connecting us to the mind and energy body.  Perfect to release long held tensions and increase flexibility.

Restorative Yoga – a chance to rest and digest through deeply relaxing supported poses.  Total chill time just for you.