First blog post

This time eighteen years ago I was writing copy for my then new venture  – an event production company – and I was nervous, excited and full of vim and vigour.  Those 18 years were all that you might imagine a career in the fast moving events industry could be providing me with the opportunity to travel far and wide and meet so many different people – artistes, celebs, crew, tour guides and so on.

Today I am writing for my first Yoga and Meditation website.  To be honest I haven’t a clue as to what I am doing [am i blogging or building a website?] but boy am I in a different place to where I was all those years ago.  If fact if I hadn’t discovered Yoga then I doubt I would have been as successful in the events industry – in fact the relaxation techniques kept me sane when all else failed.

Discovering that I don’t have to live by any particular life script [birthright/upbringing/class/education] has opened the door to my heart and mind in the most beautiful way.  I look forward to sharing the ongoing journey with you.


With love and light,

Ali x



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